How To Add IDM Extension In Chrome In Windows 10

how to add idm extension in chrome in windows 10

How to add IDM extension in chrome in windows 10: Google, Internet, downloads, etc. are the frequent spell-outs among people nowadays. It feels awkward and uneasy to lead our day-to-day life without the internet. And also, we learn a lot virtually than in person in recent days. As everybody knows that internet has its own …

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How to Screenshot on HP Laptop or Desktop (DQ2101TU)

How to Screenshot on HP Laptop or Desktop

How to screenshot on hp laptop: People who use devices like computers, laptops, and mobile phones will be familiar with the word “Screenshot”. It can also be named as screengrabs, screencaps whatever maybe which is an operation that helps to capture the screen of your desktop or laptops. Only certain pages, documents, and images can …

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How To Cancel Zomato Order (Refund/Charges) 2021

How To Cancel Zomato Order (Refund/Charges)

Cancel Zomato Order (Refund/Charges): There are endless food delivery services available currently in the market. Zomato is one of those big food delivery services which is known for its fast delivery and discounts that they offer. It is very common for people to order food and for some reason, they wanted to cancel an order but …

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How To Copy And Paste On Facebook Wall/Messenger/Android

how to copy and paste on facebook wall

How To Copy And Paste On Facebook Wall/Messenger/Android  Nowadays there are no people who are unaware of social media. There are various means to express one’s thoughts and ideas to the world. Social media in the sense, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is all about Facebook. Facebook is one of …

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How Can I Fix My SD Card ON My Android Without PC

How to fix corrupted SD card on Android

Fix My Phone SD: In this article, we will see the various kinds of methods to fix the SD (Secure Digital) cards into our mobile phones. Besides that, we also see that how to recover our details from the damaged SD cards and how to restore the details from the damaged SD cards to our …

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How to Watch IPL 2020 Live Streaming on Disney+ HotStar


The Indian Priemer League or IPL 2020 Match is going to starts today (19 September 2020). For the past six months, we all were looking for this only. The First IPL match will be between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Mumbai Indians (MI). Due to Covid 19, the IPL 2020 match has been delayed and …

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KhataBook for PC Windows (10/8/7) Laptop

Khatabook for PC

Khatabook for PC is an android application that was mainly developed or designed for the small shopkeepers and owners who manage credit and debit transactions using their digital ledger service. Using Khatabook, you can easily track the payments by SMS or Whatsapp messages. Recently, this Khatabook app is getting very popular around business people today. …

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Google Pay vs Samsung Pay Which Is Better

Google Pay vs Samsung Pay

Technology has replaced many things in our life including wallets. The mobile payment platform turns your smartphone into the digital wallet which allows you to pay for your purchase without taking out a credit card, debit card or cash. Currently, the most popular mobile payment systems are Google Pay and Samsung Pay. With these mobile …

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