How To Delete Backup Files In Windows (10/7/8)

How to delete backup files in windows 10: Windows has evolved from Windows 1 to Windows 10, the latest operating system which is used on a wide range of people. Windows has evolved in its features from the past till now. Among various features one of the best things about Windows 10 is backup. There are many valid reasons that one needs to get Windows 10 backups. As we know for the whole day we are getting into our PC or laptops for various reasons and for various stuff like images, videos, documents, and so on.

How to Delete Backup Files in Windows 10
How to Delete Backup Files in Windows 10

So, if suddenly something went wrong with your system this backup will help you to restore all the stuff you had in your system without any loss of data. Meanwhile, if the backup files are seemed to be more it just fills the space available on your windows. So, in order to avoid that overloading of backup files and filling up the hard drive, we can delete all the unwanted backup files. So that it can free up the space in your window. in this post let us see about how to delete the backup files in Windows 10.

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About Windows 10:

As it is already known that Windows 10 was developed by Microsoft. After its release to manufacturing windows 10 received all the positive reviews. Though it has positive reviews it also has many negative reviews too. When windows 10 was released, their ultimate goal was to get downloaded by over one billion devices within three years of its release. But Microsoft achieved its goal after five years of Windows 10 release. This backup facility is one of the best features which was impressive for most of their customers. With no delay let us now see how to delete those backup files to free up the space in Windows 10.

Delete file history of Windows:

As said before Windows 10 gives a feature for regular backup of files which is not seen in the older versions of Windows. Only Windows 10 has an inbuilt backup facility. As long as we use Windows 10 it saves all the copies of files in certain folders regularly. So, if you would like to delete your backup files first all you can start from deleting your backups of Windows file history.

So, to start deleting your file history backup just go for the “windows settings” option which is seen in Windows menu.

  • Then go for the “Update and security” option, in that you can go for “Backup”.
  • In the “backup option”, you can alter that how often the backups of files can be done and how often it can be saved too.
  • Then set the “keep my backups” option to “forever” which helps to delete the backups every month and it will free up the space of your disk.
  • Otherwise, you can also drop the Disable option there of Windows file history by opting for the “stop using this drive” in the “backup menu”. So, it will help you to disable your current windows file backup drive.
  • In case if you want to instantly remove the saved backup files then you can right-click the Windows start menu and opt for “Windows PowerShell”.
  • After getting into the power shell, there will be a screen where you have to type “fhmanagew. Exe-cleanup 0” and press enter which will make this command run and will remove the most recent backup files.

This is how to delete the file history of windows by following the above-given steps.

Steps to remove Windows System Restore Points

This System Restore feature is the earliest feature, which will store the current windows files.

  1. So, to remove the System Restore points follow the given steps,
  2. By pressing the “Windows +R” keys you will get the Run window opens.
  3. After opening type “systempropertieprotection” and give enter
  4. Then you will see the System Properties window, in that just opt for system protection and then press configure.
  5. In the System protection window click delete, which removes the system restore points.
  6. So, removing windows system Restore points is also one of the methods to delete your backup files.

Steps to delete old folder Windows after updating Windows 10:

Another method to delete the backup files is by deleting the old windows folder. Let us see the steps to delete the old window folder.

  • First, run the Disk cleanup tool. Click Windows + R and type “cleanmgr” and click ok.
  • You will get a disk cleanup window where you have to click cleanup system files.
  • After that, you will get files to delete, in that make sure you have enabled the “Previous Windows installation” box.
  • Then click ok which will start the deletion process.

So, this method will help you to remove the Windows old folder and restores space. Once you have done this process you cannot be able to restore the old windows installation.


You can also free up space by deleting the larger files on your windows. If that doesn’t work properly then you can uninstall the Windows 10 software and can make space for other needed files in case you need your backup files too. I hope this post might be useful regarding the steps to delete backup files in Windows 10. Any further queries can mention below in the comment section.


Can I restore the backup files once deleted?

  • No, you cannot restore your backup files if once got deleted.

Does windows 10 have an inbuilt backup facility?

  • Yes, Windows 10 has an inbuilt backup facility.