How To Chromecast NBC Sports To TV (New)

What does NBC Sports mean: NBCSN is basically an American sports television channel which is owned by the NBC University.It mainly revolves among adventurous programs and many outdoor games such as hunting, fishing, races, hockey etc., and one can enjoy watching them play the match.

How to Chromecast NBC Sports to TV New
How to Chromecast NBC Sports to TV New

It contains channels such as NBC, NBC Sports Gold, Olympic Channel, etc.Major games such as NFL, NASCAR, NHL, Premier League, Olympics are all that you will find on the stream.You can easily live stream and watch highlights of any game, get scores, and also know the schedules with the NBC sports network.One can download and install the NBC Sports app in almost all available devices like on Android, iPhone, Smart TV and on Amazon Fire TV Stick as well.

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Feature of NBC Sports app:

  • Specialized sports content
  • Cast compatible app
  • Contains premium options
  • Allows to replay the missed events.

How To Chromecast NBC Sports TV To Android & iOS:

Step1: Firstly, set up your Chromecast and connect it to your TV.
Link both with the Google Home app.
Step2: On your smartphone device, open the NBC Sports app.
Step3: Complete the login process and proceed further to the application.
Step4: Select the video you wish to watch.
Step5: Then, you will be able to find a Cast icon at the top of the displayed page.
Step6: Now, click on to the Cast option and select your Chromecast device name from the given list of devices, to cast your favorite video.
Step7: That’s it! You have now casted your content to your TV screen.
Once you’re done watching, click on to the disconnect option to stop the casting.


  • Chromecast connected to your Smart TV through a HDMI port.
  • Download and install NBC Sports app on your Smart phone device.
  • Stable WIFI network
  • [Ensure that your device and the Chromecast are both sinked to the same WIFI connectivity]

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How To Chromecast NBC Sports TV To PC & Laptop:

Step1: Firstly, connect your Chromecast to your TV.
Step2: Go to the Google Chrome browser page and visit:
Step3: Select a particular channel to stream the video.
If you wish to watch live channels or shows you will be redirected to the sign in page to watch that video.Complete the Log in details.
Step4: Now, you may click a video of your choice.
Step5: Head over to the top right corner of the displayed page and then select the Cast option from the three dotted menu bar.
Step6: Click Source option and there you will find ,Cast tab,Cast desktop,Cast file
Select any one choice according to your need.
Step7: Find your Chromecast device name from the available list of options and choose in which you can enable the streaming.
Step8: That’s it! You will be able to see the content playing on your TV screen. Once you’re done, click on the disconnect icon to stop the casting.


  • Chromecast must be connected to your TV through a HDMI port.
  • Google Chrome on your device to browse
  • Stable WIFI connection.
  • [ Ensure that both your devices are connected to the same WIFI network]


So, I hope this article was helpful and gave you the required information and the steps that one can make use of and follow easily.Do share the post to the ones who need to know the procedure to cast NBC sports stream to their Smart TV without any confusion.

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