How To Cancel Zomato Order (Refund/Charges) 2021

How To Cancel Zomato Order (Refund/Charges)

Cancel Zomato Order (Refund/Charges): There are endless food delivery services available currently in the market. Zomato is one of those big food delivery services which is known for its fast delivery and discounts that they offer. It is very common for people to order food and for some reason, they wanted to cancel an order but …

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How To Copy And Paste On Facebook Wall/Messenger/Android

how to copy and paste on facebook wall

How To Copy And Paste On Facebook Wall/Messenger/Android  Nowadays there are no people who are unaware of social media. There are various means to express one’s thoughts and ideas to the world. Social media in the sense, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is all about Facebook. Facebook is one of …

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How Can I Fix My SD Card ON My Android Without PC

How to fix corrupted SD card on Android

Fix My Phone SD: In this article, we will see the various kinds of methods to fix the SD (Secure Digital) cards into our mobile phones. Besides that, we also see that how to recover our details from the damaged SD cards and how to restore the details from the damaged SD cards to our …

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Google Pay vs Samsung Pay Which Is Better

Google Pay vs Samsung Pay

Technology has replaced many things in our life including wallets. The mobile payment platform turns your smartphone into the digital wallet which allows you to pay for your purchase without taking out a credit card, debit card or cash. Currently, the most popular mobile payment systems are Google Pay and Samsung Pay. With these mobile …

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How To Open RAR Files (Windows/ Mac /Android/iPhone)

How To Open RAR Files

RAR file is an extension that indicates that its content is archived. It compresses contents to a single file that can be securely encrypted and easily transferred. RAR format helps you to reduce the size of several different files. To access the contents of RAR files, you have to extract the file using an external …

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How to take screenshot on Mac? (3 Quick Tips)

Mac comes with screenshot tools to capture exactly what you want to like your entire screen, a small portion of your screen or a particular window with or without shadow. If you know some tricks to use screenshot tools, then it is very easy to take a Screenshot on Mac. This guide will teach you how …

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Windows 7: End of Support & Extended Security Updates (2020)

Windows 7: End of Support

Today, Laptops and Desktop is the basic need for everyone. On laptops, we are using the Microsoft Windows Operating system for our work. In that list, there are lots of Operating systems that were released by Microsoft called Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc. But Windows 7 is the most popular operating system which …

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