Allshare Cast For Samsung Smart TV for Android

What is All Share Cast application:It is basically for android interface devices, in which you can make use for casting videos and other contents to your TV display.All Share Cast app a is very simple and straight forward casting app that one can probably prefer to use.It forms a bridge for the uses to send and stream photos, videos, music to your Smart TV of your choice.All Share Cast application can download and accessed form Play Store or AppStore in your device.

Allshare Cast For Samsung Smart TV
Allshare Cast For Samsung Smart TV

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Benefits of using All Share cast application:

  • Simple and compatible, that contains a vast number of devices.
  • Easy to cast without any confusion.
  • Contains both free and paid version.
  • Allows screen splitting
  • All Share cast app features is also available on iOS devices.

How To Cast Allshare Cast For Samsung Smart TV for Samsung :

Step1: Make sure that your device and your TV are connected to the same WIFI network.
Step2: Download and install the All Share cast app to your device and your Smart TV.
Step3: Login into your account if you already have one or sign up to create a new one and fill in with valid information that is required.
Step4: Click on to the device name where you want to cast your screen to.
Step5: Tap on the Cast option on your device for the streaming to take place on your TV display.
Step6: That’s it! your done with the steps and once you’re done watching, click the disconnect option from your device to stop casting.

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How To Cast Allshare Cast Application From Apple Device:

Step1: Connect your devices to the same WIFI Connection.
Step2: Download and install Smart View app on your device.
Step3: Then, open the Smart View app will show a list of Samsung Smart TVs on the same wireless network.
Step4: Tap on to the “Allow” option when prompted to permit the Smart View app and access your photos and videos on your iPhone. This helps you to connect your TV and display your phone’s media.
Step5: That’s it! your done casting your favorite movies or photos or any of your choice to your TV screen.
Step6: Once you’re done enjoying your time watching, end the streaming by clicking the disconnect icon from your device.


I hope the written article was helpful about casting your device to your Smart TV using the All Share cast application.Enjoy casting unlimitedly and do share to the ones who would also what to know about the method’s ,that are pretty much simple to perform and also to avoid any confusion from mirroring your device media to the TV scree

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