BEST VIRTUAL NOTE: In this advanced and technology-dependent time, the students also need some digital and virtual help and tools to help them complete their tasks. In this article, we will discuss some virtual notepads for students. These tools will help the students to edit and simplify their texts.



The top 7 best virtual note pads for students are mentioned below;



Just as the note suggests, it is a simple way for students to take notes. The tool can be downloaded on your phone, either Ios or Android so that you can use it anywhere and anytime.


There are many features offered by this tool to make every writing task simpler for the students.

  • Everywhere Use

The most amazing thing about this virtual note-taking tool is its versatility. It works quickly in every place. You can download the app to access the feature. Students can later do their notes on their phone that sounds more interesting and convenient.

Everywhere Use
Everywhere Use
  • Organized

Another amazing thing about the tool is that it keeps the students and their notes organized. You can add tags so that the note can be found easily in no time. It will save time and effort for the students.

  • Free to Use

This tool is available for free and does not require any payments for signup or installation. As students are unemployed, this notepad comes in handy for them. It is a quick and money-saving tool.

  • Share File

The tool allows the students to download to share their files directly from the app. They do not need any external tool for it.


It is an online tool created to help students make their tasks simpler. The tool is almost similar to that of Microsoft.


The tool offers numerous incredible features to its users.

  • Word Count

The tool shows the total word count to the students so that they can maintain their limit and do not exceed it. Without this feature, it is almost impossible to keep track of the word count manually. The tool enables you to convert words into pages.

  • Character Count

To check the exact number of characters in the text, this tool has a separate feature. All the characters, including spaces, will be counted, and you can see the result that the tool will display.

  • Check Plagiarism

Another incredible feature of the tool is its plagiarism checker. It allows you to detect and eliminate any duplicate content from your work to make it reliable. This will help the students to create unique files.

  • Grammar Check

It is very important for the students to use proper grammar in their assignments to get approved and attain good marks and results. This edited will help them to check any grammatical errors in the text and fix them.

Grammar Check
Grammar Check
  • Paraphrase

If the student has taken ideas from another source, he can use them efficiently in his work by paraphrasing them. Manually rewriting might be challenging, and there will be chances of plagiarism. So, this tool helps the students to rephrase the source text.

  • No Installation

Sometimes students are required to submit their assignments in a short and due time so they need the online edit pad tools urgently so for the convenience of students this tool is available instantly as it does not require any sign-up or installation.


The tool is easy to use for students by simply entering their text and getting the output instantly.


  • Line Count

The tool provides a line count to keep the students updated about the length while writing. It will help the students to create the required length of the content.

  • Word Count

The word count is an important factor in every writing, and every writer needs to keep a check on this. So the students can use this notepad to edit their text while knowing the word count simultaneously.

Word Count
Word Count
  • Download Text

An incredible feature of this tool is that it allows the students to download the text they wrote in the tool. This will help them to save the files for later use.

  • Print

The edited text can also be printed out if the students want the prints for their assignments or homework, which becomes a lot easier for them.


The tool is available online for students to edit their texts easily and quickly.


  • Rich Editor

The tool is said to be a rich text editor because it has all the required features that a student might need, such as it offers different fonts and spelling checks. The size of the input box can be altered too.

  • Talk to Text

The most incredible thing about this tool is its talk-to-text feature. It saves a lot of time and energy. The students can only talk, and the text will be written automatically.

  • Read Text

The tool also reads the text for you. It has a feature that will help the students to listen to the written text.

also read
also read


This tool is free to use for everyone.


  • Font Type

This editor will allow the students to choose a font type for their text according to their requirements.

Font Type
Font Type
  • Font Size

The students can write in any font size as per their assignment requirements.

  • Download, Save, Print

The tool offers all these three options to the students.


This tool allows the students to take notes anywhere and anytime.


  • Auto-Save

The students might sometimes forget to save their edited files, which could be very stressful. So, the tool automatically auto-saves the files.

  • Easy to Share

Your auto-saved notes are available on your device so that they can be shared anytime.

Easy to Share
Easy to Share


It is a powerful edit note that enables speech.


  • Secure

The tool is safe to use as it does not leak or copies your data.

  • Talk To Text

The time-saving and hassle-free talk-to-text feature of this tool helps the students to complete their files easily and quickly.


Virtual note-taking tools are really helpful for college students especially in this era of pandemics. All mentioned tools are equally well in performing a student learning activity. You can choose whatever you feel is good for you. Try all of them and let us know in the comments

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