How To Text Someone Who Blocked You On Android

How To Text Someone Who Blocked You On Android/iPhone: Today many people are using social media as a virtual platform to communicate with people without any restrains. However social media has provided some restrictions also in order to protect their customers from unwanted things which are surf on social media. Blocking a person or contact is one of the safeguards which have been provided by social media to its customers. A person can block a particular person or a particular group or a particular private site to which he or she does not want to connect. However, on some occasions, you need to connect with the people who blocked you for legitimizing purposes, and for that its need to know what are the provisions are available by social media to text someone who blocked you in social media.

How To Text Someone Who Blocked You On Android
How To Text Someone Who Blocked You On Android

Sometimes people have blocked you not only on social media but on every site which you can communicate with them. If a person blocked you on every site then there may be a reason behind it and I am not going to touch on those reasons instead of that I am going to tell you what are all the ways you have to contact that person in this article. So persons who are all want to resume their relationship with an aggrieved person who blocks you are advised to read this article and perpetuate your relationship.

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How to text someone who blocked you in WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is one of the predominant social media which has over 2.5 billion active users all over the world. More or less all android mobile users have their own WhatsApp account to contact people. People are using WhatsApp messenger as a substitute for SMS service. Besides that in WhatsApp people can send their photos, videos, music files, documents, and so on and so forth to other people who are also has a WhatsApp account.

In addition to this WhatsApp has provided group call options and group video call options as well to its cardinal users. And also the messages are an end to end encrypted which means the messages are been seen only by the sender and receiver. These all kinds of facilities are turned the people towards WhatsApp. So the essence of WhatsApp is to provide user-friendly services in safe and securable manner in order to protect their user privacy to its cardinal users.WhatsApp has provided a block option to its users in order to protect them from the menaces of the internet. The internet world has both pros and cons and we don’t know what are all the good ones and what are all the bad ones and this perception will change person to person.

So in order to protect ourselves from ill wills, we can use the block option tool as a protected shield. And in present many people are using blocking options to safeguard themselves from malicious people. So “block” option is one of the cardinal features of WhatsApp in order to protect its users from internet malice.

However, some people are using this block option to frown upon the people who are all very close to him or her. Because of this kind of misuses people can’t able to convey important information to the person who has blocked them. Also if you can’t see the person offline, the scene gets worse. So to avoid this kind of situations people need to know how to text someone who blocked them in emergency situations.

Deleted your WhatsApp account and sign up again:

You can repeal your blockage by deleting your current WhatsApp account and creating a new WhatsApp account. To delete your account you should adhere to the following ways. WhatsApp settings > Account > Delete my account > enter your country > your phone number > DELETE MY ACCOUNT. After deleting your account you can create a new account by using the same mobile number. But remember one thing if you delete your current account then all the chats which are in the current will also disappear unless or until you restored it before deleting your account. After creating a new account you can able to chat with your blocked person.

Messaging via offline:

  • You can message the aggrieved person who blocked you offline through SMS. You can ask the reason why you had been blocked and if there is any complaint on you, you can justify yourself and ask them to unblock you.

Messaging via WhatsApp group:

  • You can request your close friends or acquaintances to create a group and add you and a person who blocked you. And also you request the group admin who is your close friend or acquaintance to left a group after successfully create the group. Now you can text with a person who blocked you in a private manner and request him/her to unblock you.


The above article is only explained how to text someone who blocked you on WhatsApp since every social media has the block option and you can text the blocked person in a way which we mentioned above. If you are blocked in one social media platform then you can be contacted the blocked person through the other social media as well. For an instance, if you are blocked in WhatsApp then you can be contacted the person through Facebook or Instagram or some other social media which you both are there.

Before doing all these kinds of things let sit and think some time why he/she blocked you and if she/he feels annoying so you are better dormant your process to contact them otherwise it may be lead to a cybercrime offense. Mark the above sentence as a cautionary message. Otherwise, you proceed the ways which I mentioned above and revive your relationship and perpetuate it.


Can I text someone who blocked me on any social media?

  • Yes, you can text someone who blocked you on any social media.

Can I able to call somebody who blocked me on social media?

  • Yes, you can call the blocked person unless or until they blocked your calls.