How To Show Offline in Whatsapp When I Am Online

How To Show Offline in Whatsapp (iPhone&android): WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps which have been used by all smartphone users. Most people are using WhatsApp as an alternative to SMS to communicate with other people. There are so many reasons why people love to use WhatsApp, one of the reasons is we can access the app to communicate with people we want. WhatsApp has provided so many provisions in order to make WhatsApp user-friendly to all kinds of people and also it has facilitated plenty of services to its customers. Some people are well known about the provisions and some are not.

How To Show Offline in Whatsapp When I Am Online
How To Show Offline in Whatsapp When I Am Online

In this article, we will explain one of the provisions provided by WhatsApp to its predominant customers. Let us see that how to show offline in WhatsApp when I am online. Before jump into our topic let, us know about WhatsApp and its characteristics.

About WhatsApp:

An American-based freeware WhatsApp was founded back in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, former employees of Yahoo. On February 24, 2009, Jan Koum incorporates WhatsApp in California, and in the following year, August WhatsApp 2.0 was released. In 2010 August WhatsApp support for Android OS was added. Now the WhatsApp messenger service is owned by another big tech entity Facebook.

Initially, WhatsApp provided only message services to its customers. After that WhatsApp included plenty of services such as sharing photos, videos, documents, calling options, video calling options, and so on and so forth for their customers. In addition to that WhatsApp also provided plenty of services in order to protect their customers from malicious texts from unknown numbers.

It also has the block option to block the contacts or unwanted numbers which you neither want to text nor receive a text from that. And also, WhatsApp provided end-to-end encryption to their customers which act as a safeguard between the sender and as well as the receiver. Because of this end-to-end encryption, only the sender and receiver can able to read the message and no other third parties can see the messages. However, now this end-to-end encryption is not available for the business WhatsApp.

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How To Show Offline in Whatsapp When I Am Online:

Let us learn how you can go offline when you turn on your internet. By doing this your friends, relatives are won’t see you online on WhatsApp even though you turn on the internet connection in your mobile phone. As we mentioned above more or less all the smartphone users are using WhatsApp irrespective of their ages and people are using WhatsApp as an alternative to SMS.

Most people are using WhatsApp to contact their friends, relatives, parents in a frequent manner. There is no cap on the number of messages sent by a person in a day and also there is no restrictions to send a number of photos, videos, documents and so on so forth is one of the reasons why people are love to use WhatsApp messenger more than anyone else.

Which paves a way for anyone can message you on WhatsApp and expect a reply from you. To avert this kind of unnecessary situation Whatsapp has provided an option to hide from showing online even though you turn on the internet connection. In sometimes you wish to neither receive messages from someone nor sent messages to someone. And also, you wish to show others that you are offline when you are actually not and there can be some reasons behind it. I am not going to touch on those reasons in this article instead of this I am going to explain in this article how to doing such a thing and preventing unwanted messages in unwanted times in a concise manner.

Force Stop:

Since WhatsApp is running in the background on your mobile phone whenever you turn on the internet connection it consumes data in the background and shows you as online and ready to text. But as we mentioned above you didn’t want to give this type f information to others.  Android users can follow the following ways in order to stop WhatsApp from running in the background.

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Go to the Downloaded Apps.
  3. Force stops, WhatsApp from using the background data.

And for iPhone users, the task is so easy to do. Open Settings> Scroll Down and Click on WhatsApp> Now Stop “Background App Refresh” and “Mobile Data.” By doing this you can prevent WhatsApp from showing you as online when actually you are not. Whenever you want to use WhatsApp again, you can open it manually, and again you will be shown as online.

Steps to Managing the privacy settings:

Another method to not displaying your online status is managing your privacy settings in WhatsApp itself. Go to the WhatsApp settings by clicking the 3 dots on the right corner of the messaging page. Click the “Account” option and click the “Privacy” option. In that “privacy” option click on the “Last seen” option and click the option “nobody”. In a simple manner WhatsApp setting> Account > Privacy > Last seen > Nobody.


I hope this post might be useful for you regarding how to show offline on WhatsApp when I am online. By following the above steps given one can show offline even being online in Whatsapp. For any queries please mention below in the comment section.