How to Screenshot on HP Laptop or Desktop (DQ2101TU)

How to screenshot on hp laptop: People who use devices like computers, laptops, and mobile phones will be familiar with the word “Screenshot”. It can also be named as screengrabs, screencaps whatever maybe which is an operation that helps to capture the screen of your desktop or laptops. Only certain pages, documents, and images can be downloaded or can be shared. But some pages or images cannot be downloaded.

How to Screenshot on HP Laptop or Desktop
How to Screenshot on HP Laptop or Desktop

In order to overcome it, one can use this feature which is nowadays found in almost all the devices like laptops and mobile phones. So, the feature helps us to show our people or colleague or even family what we exactly see on the screen without any change. And also, if it is Screenshotted as an image, it will be handy and easy to share with people. As said before all laptops nowadays have the screenshot feature. In this post let us see how to screenshot on a hp laptop.

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About Hp Laptop:

Hewlett Packard Company is an American multinational IT company that has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. HP has developed many software and hardware components for their customers all over the world and even for customers in government, education, health sectors. HP was one of the leading desktop/PC manufacturers till 2013 by developing and manufacturing hardware, software, and various devices. Later Hp started focusing on products like desktops and printers too.

HP then retained the computer and business of printer and then it was named HP Inc.Like other laptops Hp laptops also has the feature of Screenshot. Now let us see how to take screenshots on an HP laptop

How to Screenshot the Full Screen:

Usually, HP desktops and laptops which run as Windows or sometimes about chrome operating system has this feature of a screenshot by using the keyboard. The key to taking a screenshot is Print Screen which will be located on the top right corner of the Keyboard in an abbreviation form as PrtSc. While using this key your screen will be captured and copied in the clipboard. To save it you can follow the given steps,

  • One can capture their desktop by clicking the windows key and the PrtSc key at the same time
  • The screen will appear with a minimum brightness for a moment, which indicated that the screen has been captured.
  • Then in some cases, the picture will be automatically saved to the pictures, or in another case, we can save it by pasting which has been copied in the clipboard at the necessary place either in the form of JPG or in the form of PNG format.
  • This saved picture can be shared at any time needed.
  • Using this above step, you can capture or screenshot your desktop which means the entire screen of your HP laptop easily and quickly.

How to screenshot the partial screen :

Sometimes you if you feel like don’t want to capture your entire desktop instead of a partial screen, is that possible to do? So, if you have this question then the answer is yes! You can capture your desktop partially if needed. Let us see now how to screenshot the partial screen,

  • Nowadays Windows 10 laptops have their default feature of capturing the screen in no help with other applications.
  • The steps are to just, press the Windows key and Shift+ S key at the same time.
  • Now the cursor of the screen will change as crosshair cursor from pointer cursor.
  • Then you can select the number of screens you want to screenshot it, after that the snippet disappears and it will copy on the clipboard.
  • Now you can copy where ever you want.
  • As said above the picture can be saved either in PNG or JPG format in your window.

Steps to Screenshot by Snipping Tool:

One can also capture their screen through the Snipping Tool which is found as the inbuilt application. Through this, you can select the part of the screen of your desktop easily and save it or share it later.

  • Just get the snipping tool at the start menu of your windows.
  • As soon as you open the snipping tool you will see various options.
  • So, to take screenshots on HP laptop using this snipping tool which is inbuilt,
  •  Just press Ctrl + N, from the given screen you can select the needed shape of a screenshot from the various modes of the snipping tool has. There are various ways other than the above methods. They are as follows,
  • The Free-form Snip, which helps us to capture the screen in any needed shape we want such as ovular, circular, or any other else.
  • The Full-screen Snip, which helps to capture the complete whole screen. It also helps us to capture two screens that have two monitors in use at a time.
  • The Window Snip, which helps us to screenshot the active window instantly.

So, as you got the screenshot, it will be copied in your clipboard and you can save it at the needed location in the needed format as either JPG or PNG format. This is how the Snipping tool is used to capture the screenshot.

Markup Hero Application:

This Markup Hero is one of the applications to capture the screenshot of your windows. This application is not only to take screenshots but also can access, edit and annotate. Using this application, you can also capture your screen and share it with your friends too. You can download and install the application for free. Once installed press Ctrl + Shift + 1 to start the application.


The above are the few methods to screenshot on a Hp laptop. Using the given steps one can grab their desktop screen and can save it or can even share when needed. I hope this post might be useful, for any further queries can mention below in the comment section.


Does the HP laptop have any inbuilt option to screenshot the window?

  • Yes, the HP laptop has its inbuilt feature for screenshots.

Is there any shortcut key to take screenshots on an HP laptop?

  • Yes, you can press the Windows key and PrtSc key at the same time to screenshot on an HP laptop.