How To Disable WhatsApp Calls (Android & iPhone)

Disable WhatsApp calls app: WhatsApp messenger is one of the most used applications among people nowadays. It is considered one of the important platforms in social media. There are no people without using this application. Even a layman can use it which is very user-friendly to handle and access. WhatsApp provides various services like texting, calls as both audio as well as video calls, can also upload status, can also share pictures through this application for their contact lists.

How To Disable WhatsApp Calls
How To Disable WhatsApp Calls

So, this post lets us know about how to just disable the WhatsApp calls in the WhatsApp application. Sometimes if we don’t want to get engaged with the audio or video calls in those cases one can disable the calls on WhatsApp account.  With no delay let us still know more about this Application and how it was based.

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About WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Messenger is an American Freeware, voice over IP service owned by Facebook, Inc. it provides various services like text messages and voice messages, audio and also video calls. It also provides facilities to share pictures, documents and is also used to share the locations and various other contents too. So, this WhatsApp application can be used on Mobile phones and also can be used in desktops too.

But a good internet connection is needed to access this WhatsApp application. As a good internet connection, an important thing needed to access this application is a cellular mobile number sign-up. This Application was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum along with the former employees of Yahoo. This name “WhatsApp” was named by Koum just to sound like Hey! What’s Up! By 2013 this application had nearly 200 million users and also 50 staff. So now let us get into the main topic of how to disable the WhatsApp calls app.

Steps to Disable WhatsApp calls:

As we all know that WhatsApp helps us in sending messages, media files, documents, and many other. Through WhatsApp, we can call any other person with the help of the internet or VoIP calls. This may be the best feature but it can also be annoying when you have a slow internet connection. As of now, you can also disable only your WhatsApp calling feature through an application called “Disable WhatsApp Calls” which is available on Google Play Store.

Using this application, you can just disable your calling feature only on your WhatsApp account. This is the new method to disable the WhatsApp calls on your WhatsApp account. In case if you can’t access this application to disable your WhatsApp calls on your account then you can opt for the old method given below.

Disable WhatsApp calls App :

  1. This application is all about the new method to disable the WhatsApp call on your account. Initially, you have to download the Disable WhatsApp calls application from the google play store.
  2. Just open the application and it will ask you to choose the type of services like mobile or home or work or others. You just have to choose mobile
  3. After that choose the notification option
  4. As soon as you use to opt for the “Notification” access you can further see two more options, “Dash clock WhatsApp extension” and “WhatsApp calls Disabler”.
  5. Just go for WhatsApp Calls Disabler
  6. So, once you select this WhatsApp calls Disabler automatically your calls will be disabled in your WhatsApp account.

You can also try this application or else you can also go for the old method.

Old method to Disable WhatsApp calls:

Now let us see the old method to disable the WhatsApp calls,

  1. Just open your WhatsApp account.
  2. Then enter into the settings.
  3. Then opt for the chat settings.
  4. Now go into the Backup WhatsApp Chat.
  5. After the above-given steps, you can uninstall your WhatsApp and again download the old version of WhatsApp.
  6. After installing a new one, enter your mobile number
  7. Then it will ask to restore all the chats
  8. Within a second you will see your WhatsApp screen
  9. Now automatically your WhatsApp calls are disabled.

This WhatsApp disable application is said to be the new method to disable the calls but the old method is about to uninstall the new version of WhatsApp since these WhatsApp call features were introduced in the new version of WhatsApp. So once if we go to the old version of WhatsApp, we can’t find the voice call feature. Using the above-mentioned two methods you can disable your WhatsApp calls easily.


This Disable WhatsApp calls Application is not known to many of the people who use WhatsApp on their mobile phones. Only those who use a new version of WhatsApp must need to know about this application. This application can be used to avoid calls to your WhatsApp account. Nowadays without using the WhatsApp application we cannot go through our day-to-day work. This social media application helps to make our work easier.  I hope this post might be very useful for those who need to disable their calls in their WhatsApp account. Any further queries can mention below in the comment section.


Can I able the calls in WhatsApp once I disable it?

  • Yes, once you disable the WhatsApp call you can also able it again.

Can I disable the video calls too using this Disable WhatsApp Calls App?

  • Yes, you can disable the video calls too using this Disable WhatsApp Calls App.