How To Copy And Paste On Facebook Wall/Messenger/Android

How To Copy And Paste On Facebook Wall/Messenger/Android  Nowadays there are no people who are unaware of social media. There are various means to express one’s thoughts and ideas to the world. Social media in the sense, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is all about Facebook. Facebook is one of the media where people around the whole world connect with each other virtually. As it is already known that Facebook is an American online social networking service. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. This can access from various devices like mobile phones or Android, desktops, laptops with the help of good internet connections. So, this Facebook provides various facilities like people can share their photos, texts, and multimedia with other people who have agreed to be their friends. In this post let us see about how to copy and paste on Facebook at various aspects.

In order to make our work simple technology has found a way long many techniques to follow. Similarly, to repeat certain things on these social media platforms there is an option to which people can opt just to save their time and energy too. The option is nothing but copy and paste. Now let us see how to copy-paste any content on Facebook wall, a facebook post, on Facebook messenger, and so on.

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Steps to Copy and Paste text:

Generally, to copy and paste something these steps can be followed not only on Facebook but also on any other platform. Let us see in a step-by-step manner,

  1. Initially, you have to find the text which has to be copied.
  2. Once you found the text just tap on the text and hold for a second
  3. Then now drag over the text till it has to be copied
  4. So, once you drag over the text you will get a copy option on the menu
  5. Click the copy option so that the text selected by you will get copied
  6. Later you can tap and hold at the space where the text is to be pasted.
  7. Once you tap over the space you will get the paste option and click that.

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How to copy and paste on Facebook Wall”

To copy and paste something on facebook wall is as simple as texts copied.

  1. Firstly, you have to know what you are going to copy and paste on your facebook wall.
  2. As soon as you get to know, select the text you wish to copy.
  3. You can select your text by using your cursor moving from the beginning of the text till the end and right-click your mouse to get the copy option.
  4. So, after you copy your text, you can post it on your facebook wall by opting for the paste option.

How to copy and paste a Post on Facebook:

To copy a post from Facebook, first, you must have a facebook account. If you have a Facebook account you can log in first using your email ID or mobile number and password.

  1. Now you can look for a post or some comments to get copied.
  2. Then select the text which has to be copied
  3. Once you select copy the whole text needed.
  4. Now it will be on your clipboard which can be later pasted on the space where you needed.
  5. This is how one can copy and paste any text or post from facebook.

How to copy and paste on FB Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is a part of Facebook which is made to converse with people worldwide easier and faster.

  1. So, in facebook messenger, you can copy any text and can paste it anywhere or to any other person too.
  2. Now select the text which has to be copied by opting for the copy option on the menu
  3. Copy the entire text
  4. Now get into your messenger application of Facebook.
  5. Go home and choose a person or recipient to whom you want to share the text.
  6. Now paste the text on the chatbox by opting paste option in the menu while right-clicking your mouse.
  7. In a similar way, you can copy the text and paste it to any other recipient on Facebook Messenger.

How to copy any text from Facebook on Android:

  1. It takes the same method to copy text from Facebook on Android. It would be still easier once you get into Facebook Messenger.
  2. Log in to your Facebook account or get into your messenger.
  3. Then now select the post that you would like to copy.
  4. Click the share option
  5. Now again click the share option
  6. Then click the “Copy link to post” option.
  7. This is how to copy text from Facebook on Android.


Can I copy and paste text on messenger?

  • ANS: Yes, you can copy and paste on messenger.

Does the URL of a post can be copied on Facebook?

  • ANS: Yes, you can keep your cursor on the post and right-click to copy the URL of the post.


The above given are the few simplest method to copy and paste the text that you needed in Facebook at various aspects. You can also download images and get them posted or saved for your later use too. So by following the above-mentioned points step by step you can get your text copy and paste. I hope this post might be useful to know about how to copy-paste on facebook. Any further queries can mention below in the comment section.

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